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" The
  of Greed

    The Efflorescence of Greed  investigates the intricate relationship between economic structures and the human pursuit or satisfaction. It delves into the emotional void created by cultural deficits, examining how this abyss compels us towards external comfort and self-indulgent behaviors. 


    The series thoughtfully examines instant gratification and long-term fulfillment, aiming to prompt critical introspections on our collective obsession with ephemeral pleasures, while emphasizing that the true essence of contentment resides within the self.

    My inspiration in this series stems from my personal journey to escape destructive cycles of substance abuse, financial recklessness, and materialism. I began to question whether we as people are trying to fill a perceived emptiness or merely unconsciously harming ourselves. I recognized that the societal structures in the United States are designed to tether our senses to specific habits, fostering an excessively hedonistic society reliant on short-lived dopamine hits to navigate daily life. 

    The title, The Efflorescence of Greed, was chosen to highlight the wake of capitalism in America. The dual meaning of efflorescence- the process of unfolding, and the powdery substance left as a chemical reaction, similar to cocaine - fittingly encapsulates the imagery I aim to convey. 

    We are witnessing the emergence of a new economic era characterized by instability and distrust in our institutions, culminating in a self-serving and insatiable economy. The residue of this greedy system has grown generations of poverty, and division. 

 A heartfelt thank you to Nicholas Johnson for helping me bring this series to life. His unwavering support and dedication to innovation created  an environment where our ideas and creativity could flourish.  His contributions have left a lasting imprint on my artist journey.

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